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We have set up this website/blog entirely for fun. We've enjoyed researching and making the information available to everyone. It's all about sharing. The site has no commercial interests and is for reference and educational purposes. Users of the site may use the content themselves only for educational, or personal, non-commercial use. Please fee free to make use of the information on the site for your personal use. We would love you to acknowledge where you found the information and if you could create a link to our site that would be great.

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Included in the UK Web Archive, January 2016

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I'd like to thank Pam Woolliscroft for her inspiration and ideas which led me to creating this blog, and to Kathy Niblett for her encouragement and permission to use her essays.

Thanks also go to Phil Rowley, long serving volunteer at Gladstone Pottery Museum, who forwarded much useful information and many images for inclusion in the texts.