Gladstone Pottery

Home to the most important group of bottle ovens still standing in the UK. Click here>


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Gladstone Pottery Museum in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, is a fully restored potbank from the days when coal-burning bottle ovens made the world's finest pottery. There are five magnificent, towering bottle ovens in a unique setting, at this stunning multi-award wining industrial museum of the pottery industry. Gladstone Pottery Museum official site here>

Pam Woolliscroft, neĆ© Bott, compiled a best-selling leaflet about Bottle Ovens during her time as Curator of Gladstone Pottery Museum in the 1970s.  The leaflet is still for sale, 40 years after its publication, in the Gladstone Shop so it would be wrong to publish it in full here.

Gladstone Pottery Museum official site here>  

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The Gladstone Story - the history of the museum here>


August: Restoration and renovation continues at Gladstone Pottery Museum to preserve the most important group of bottle ovens remaining in The Potteries.

Gladstone's Bottle Oven No.1 is steadily being encased in a large amount of scaffolding as part of an essential maintenance project. The work is necessary to ensure the safety of museum visitors, and the long-term preservation of the bottle ovens. Failed mortar and spalled bricks will be replaced. More here>  Words and pictures by Nerys Williams, member of the Gladstone Museum Staff.

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